Our Company

Explora Films has a proven ability in developing and producing projects with record-breaking ratings for major content distributors, from initial concept to final delivery. Our passion is in creating a platform for life-changing stories to be not only seen, but experienced and multipurposed across a full range of media consumption platforms.

Explora Films was founded in 2004 by Mauricio Vélez Domínguez.  Nominated for 3 Emmy Awards, winner of a Grant from the Canada Council for the Arts, a Mac Arthur Foundation Grant, 38 national Colombian TV awards, New York Festivals, Omni Awards and winner of the Newmedia Canada 2017 digital development call, Mauricio has been directing, writing and producing films since 1991.  He headed Señal Colombia, the country's  national public cultural and educational channel between 2007 and 2008. He directed the communications department of the Humboldt Institute and was Executive Producer of Cenpro Television.

Description of Services

Content Development and Production  Research, development, writing and production of factual and fictional content. 

Content Directing  Directing services for traditional audiovisual and 360 Cinematic immersive VR projects.

Local production services  Localization and production logistics services in Colombia and Latin America.

Our Clients

Explora Films has worked with top international broadcasters and companies such as: Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, Sesame Workshop, The Canada Council for the Arts, Canada Media Fund (CMF), Jay Walter Thompson (JWT), The Nature Conservancy (TNC), Sancho BBDO, The Humboldt Institute, Cine Colombia, Señal Colombia, Caracol Television.

Our Story

I was 13 years old when I sailed through the Galapagos Archipelago with my family. That summer, in those islands lost in time, my dream to explore the planet in search for emotions, experiences and stories was born.  

My journey into the world of story started in the Amazon, as I ventured into the jungle with a native Tikuna hunter in search for animals to showcase in a wildlife documentary. It then took me to the Orinoco River basin, through active volcanoes in the Andes mountain range, to the African Savannah and the rainforests of Asia. 

The desire to share these experiences and to deliver to you the emotions of the world of story is the force that drives my telling.